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Experience Israel through the Bible

For Jewish and Christian Groups

The Tanach or the New Testament  Tanach are resurrected, by standing in the same spots of the biblical characters, where the places still preserve the name, and the stones tell the stories of the place and its history.


We will reconstruct the theological experience by visiting the place as it was in the past and as it is today.

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And They Went 40 Years in the Desert

The desert was and continues to be a touchstone and inspiration. Bnei Yisrael passed through it for 40 years before entering the land of Israel. Jesus was tested for 40 days by Satan. Early Christian convents began in the Judean Desert and poets, artists, and people searching for answers, poked their feet in the broad yellow sands.


We will travel through the desert of Israel in order to connect and discover what can be found there .

The journey follows different desert traditions in an experiential way.

It  includes survival experiences, desert self-cooking, camel riding, production and creativity from the desert, historical sites and of course spiritual connection and creativity.


This journey can be combined with visits to Jordan and Egypt or Sinai (Petra, Mount Nebo, hiking trails in Jordan, the high mountain in Sinai / Mt. Karkom along the border with Sinai – both claim to be Mt. Sinai).

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Israel - Meeting Point of Religions

Melting Pot

Meet the communities that make up the multi-faceted society of Israel; the different ethnical Jewish communities, Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druze, the Bahai, Cherkuss and more.


Israel has been a center of pilgrimage and settlement for thousands of years. Rulers wanted to control it and establish religious centers there, and persecuted peoples found refuge there.

We will reflect on Israel and its importance to many religions and people.

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Time Travel

Israel has a history of 5000 years. Many rulers and kingdoms have passed through it, each of which made sure to leave a mark that is still visible today.

We will tour Israel, which is a microcosm of a living history lesson, in which we observe the findings that invite us to look back.

The participants will share an experience along the time line of this ancient land and  be able to relate each period to events  in the world.

The journey passes through different periods, during which the participants will undergo interactive activities to experience the life and culture of that period.

Israel - Development in

Innovation, Creativity and Technology

Throughout history, the world has gravitated towards Israel for creativity and development of many fields, starting with the development of ancient agricultural systems through it becoming a hi-tech power.

In this tour, we will visit and explore sites and paths showcasing various needs which led to the development and innovation. We will experience advanced agricultural systems and hi-tech, industry, medical solutions and more.

We will meet innovators, technologies and will get to see firsthand the development processes in the sites allowing us to really experience the innovation and ingenuity in Israel.

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